Tough Decisions at Work

Some of the chapter titles listed below provide a flavor of Backbonology: Tough Decisions at Work.
"Tough decision-making requires a backbone, that inner strength we all have. You already have what it takes - this book will provide you the tools to sculpt your inner self into a confident decision maker, even in tough circumstances. We dive into the tough issues and how to deal with them with illustrations and practical hands-on steps. This book builds the decision-making process around our own inner working, within our soul through our mind, will, and emotions."
  • Custom Backbones to Fit Your Style
  • Don’t Lead with Your Heart, but Don’t Leave It Behind
  • Decisions from the Soul  
  • Success Waits on the Other Side of Fear
  • Accept Yourself
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Tough Decisions on Personnel
  • Tough Decisions to Manage Change
  • Tough Decisions in Negotiations
  • Tough Decisions on Coworkers
  • Tough Decisions to Manage Your Career
  • Listen—Even to What’s Disagreeable
  • Humans versus Tech and Tyrants
  • Trust but Verify
  • Unsupportive Culture
  • Dark Tools
  • Dignity and Respect
About the Book
Book Reviews
Tough decisions at work can be difficult, the steps in this book will help you understand yourself, avoid emotion driven decisions and make tough decisions. Backbonology provides a foundation of structured decisions based on a formula with your own inner strengths to make tough decisions.
We need every part of our spine to stand strong. When we do not, we experience pressure and unbearable back pain. We need every part of our being to be that unique person who can stand in the midst of adversity.

Backbonology helps you to stand for your own authentic leadership style. It provides you support to be yourself and make tough decisions – and feel good about them afterwards. Be Strong – Backbonology Strong!

We struggle with tough decisions – and we should as they affect people’s lives. Bugay takes us on a journey to make tough decision in our own way, be decisive, yet maintain our humanity at the same time. This book provides a path for us to lead in our own style and make those tough decisions. True authentic leadership!”
         Richard D. Roth, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret) State Senator, 31st Senate District

“David Bugay captures the many challenges and conflicts associated with leadership in difficult times. His insights get to the heart of the dilemma facing leaders who need to make tough decisions.”
Eloy Oakley, Chancellor California Community College

“The complexities facing managers responsible for supervising employees in the workplace are exceptionally challenging.  Effective decision making, and leadership often require a tough resolve in ways that still demonstrate respect and human decency.

This careful balance requires managers to understand their own psyche as well as the temperament of the employees they supervise to tailor strategies for communication and direction that best resonate with the employee, and ultimately support management’s position in the event corrective action is necessary.

Doc D delves into this often elusive, complex arena using practical examples, analogies, reflective thoughts, short stories, pertinent resource data, and his own personal experiences.

Backbonology:  Tough Decisions at Work is a must-read for all supervisors who want to excel as effective leaders.”           
Steven Andelson, Esq., author of FRISK – Fundamentals for Evaluators
in Addressing Below-Standard Employee Performance

“Authoritatively written and well organized, "Backbonology" is an all-in-one guidebook that’s ideal for anyone who has to make tough decisions in their personal and professional life.  Each chapter is filled with actual stories and examples from people who had to make tough decisions. These firsthand accounts provide a deeper insight into what, in some leadership training books, is just a listing of factual information. The concepts are presented in an uncomplicated way and written in plain English. It is sure to be a great value as you can use what you learn after reading the first few chapters.”
Don Busché, Ed.D., author of Adventures on the Internet
“Not only does Backbonology do a wonderful job at shining light on the art of making difficult decisions, but it does so in a fun and relatable way. David approaches the subject on a personal and professional level, causing the reader to reflect on the past, present, and future, and he does so with a soulful touch that really brings home the message home.”
Jason Olsen, President and CEO of Image Studio 360

“By applying the leadership system Doc D teaches in this book, you will experience explosive results in your work and help your organization rise to a whole new level of innovation, performance, and customer loyalty. Doc D explains, with realistic examples, exactly what it takes to make tough decisions in both your professional and personal life.”
Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Seller, author of Destinies: Motivating Stories
from Ordinary People Who Created Extraordinary Results

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