Zombie Dearest: Poems for Young Zombies
Backbonology: Tough Decisions at Work
The Naked Turtle Dances
Zombie Dearest A Musical Comedy

Zombie Dearest:
​Poems for Young Zombies

Tough Decisions at Work

The Naked Turtle Dances
Poems for Everyone

Zombie Dearest®
A Two-Act
Musical Comedy

Other Works by Doc D

Doc D is the pen name for David P. Bugay, Ph.D.  Doc D. has a  reputation as a high-energy speaker, author, poet, and playwright. He began writing seriously around fifteen years ago with over a hundred poems published in various magazines and journals. He has written numerous articles, poems, screenplays and stage plays. 

Backbonology: Tough Decisions for Work, Doc D’s newest book, was written after hours of personal counseling, workshops, and conference speaking. Doc D’s experience as a senior human resource executive has provided an opportunity to help literally hundreds of executives and rising management stars to get through their toughest moments at work. Repeatedly, he has found two major obstacles in the skillsets of emerging leaders or current leaders. Read about these obstacles and much more! This will begin a series of books on how to have a backbone for work and life fills a clear need for everyone who has to make a tough decisions – maybe all of us fit that category!  

Zombie Dearest, a musical comedy for the whole family, will premier in May 2018. It is simply awesome, humorous and a whole lot of fun! Watch this website for details!

Zombie Dearest: Poems for Young Zombies is a separate poem book in the tradition of Shel Silverstein that has wild and crazy poems for the young to laugh, scream and, most importantly, read!

The Naked Turtle Dances contains poems that touch every part of life. Doc D focuses on practical, uplifting and positive poems to raise both the spirit and hope of the reader. This book is the go-to-place to be uplifted in a world gone strange!

Doc D, an organizational behaviorist, has served on the board for the Association of Chief Human Resource Officers and on the boards for the Association of California Community College Administrators, International Higher Education Teaching Learning and Leadership Oakland. He frequently presents on topics which range from Backbonology, Conflict Resolution and Communications.