Tough Decisions at Work
Tough decision-making requires a backbone, that inner strength we all have. You already have what it takes - this book will provide you the tools to sculpt your inner self into a confident decision maker, even in tough circumstances. We dive into the tough issues and how to deal with them with illustrations and practical hands-on steps. This book builds the decision-making process around our own inner working, within our soul through our mind, will, and emotions. The chapters include:

  • Custom Backbones to Fit Your Style
  • Don’t Lead with Your Heart, but Don’t Leave It Behind
  • Decisions from the Soul  
  • Success Waits on the Other Side of Fear
  • Accept Yourself
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Tough Decisions on Personnel
  • Tough Decisions to Manage Change
  • Tough Decisions in Negotiations
  • Tough Decisions on Coworkers
  • Tough Decisions to Manage Your Career
  • Listen—Even to What’s Disagreeable
  • Humans versus Tech and Tyrants
  • Trust but Verify
  • Unsupportive Culture
  • Dark Tools
  • Dignity and Respect

Tough decisions at work can be difficult, the steps in this book will help you understand yourself, avoid emotion driven decisions and make tough decisions. Backbonology provides a foundation of structured decisions based on a formula with your own inner strengths to make tough decisions.

We need every part of our spine to stand strong. When we do not, we experience pressure and unbearable back pain. We need every part of our being to be that unique person who can stand in the midst of adversity.

Backbonology helps you to stand for your own authentic leadership style. It provides you support to be yourself and make tough decisions – and feel good about them afterwards. Be Strong – Backbonology Strong!