Zombie Dearest®
​​Book and Music by Doc D Arranged by Le Grand Barr

Comedy, Musical in 2 Acts
95-100 minutes
4f, 4m, 7 either (15-29 actors possible)

Travis, a mid-twenty year old on a fast track career, wants to be on his own. But life changes for him and his almost Goth sister, Maggie, when their parents, Edward and Samantha, have an accident that transforms them into high-functioning Zombies.

They try to hide their parents but a desperate reporter hunts them out with a law and order sheriff who view Zombies as a threat to the community. Travis and Maggie fight for the legal rights of their Zombie parents to keep their family together and to keep their parents from being the subject of experiments. The world intrudes and polarizes into people who are Zombie Lovers and Zombie Haters.

This play will keep the audience completely engaged with no pause in the action. It includes segments entitled, “Between the Scenes,” where the actors have unique dialog downstage to engage the audience during scene changes and provide the audience a chance to know the characters on an in-depth, personal basis - and have a bit of fun.

Zombie Dearest has a popular theme with a unique twist accompanied with intense audience engagement as they explore social issues with endless creative possibilities and will surely add an enticing edge to any theatre season.

Soundtrack Samples


“Frontal Lobes" – Edward and Maggie, Scene 1​
“Heart of a Mother” – Samantha, Scene 1
 “My Town” – Sheriff Crites, Scene 2
“Tough Enough” – Creepers, Scene 2
“Sniveler’s Stew” – Jeepers, Scene 2
“Doctor, Doctor” – Edward and Maggie, Scene 3
“Zombie Square Dance” – Zamphire, Scene 3
“Creepy Stuff" - Zamphire, Scene 4
“I'm Gonna Cruise" - Travis, Scene 4

​​​​ACT TWO​​

“Y'a Gotta be You" - Maggie, Scene 1
“Zombie Rights” - Travis, Maggie, Scene 1
"Zamphire" - Simon, Deputy Lloyd, Scene 2
“Zombies, Zombies Everywhere” – Simon, Scene 3
“The Darkest Night”  - Travis, Scene 3
“Easy Way Out” - Deputy Lloyd, Scene 4
“Zombie Dearest” – Cast, Scene 4